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Dr. Beers is an intuitive catalyst; she works within the area of consciousness, non-dogmatic spirituality, and healing childhood wounds, specifically the mother and colonization wounds. In her practice, she is passionate about supporting people on their healing journey and reclaiming their power. Dr. Beers brings a compassionate, honest and nurturing approach to her work with clients. Aided by deeply intentional interactions in a sacred context, she provides transformative experiences that assist others to develop a new personal philosophy and a renewed outlook on issues and matters that concern them. Making room for healing, self-acceptance, greater joy and deeper connections with others. If you are having difficulty in your most intimate relationships, are feeling limited, uncertain, and struggling to make the hard decisions in life, shift and listen deeply to this cycle by reaching out to my private practice admin (Crescent Roots Psychology)

What Rises Must Fall. What Begins Must End. This is the Cycle of Life Transitions.

Our lives are full of beginnings and endings, of smaller and larger deaths, births and rebirths. Some changes are difficult to navigate, some we celebrate, some we ignore and some we initially aren’t even aware of. However, despite one’s level of awareness, a threshold must be crossed, which is where this invitation stands to help.

Before a new chapter can begin, one must be able to learn how to navigate through the experience, bring about closure, say goodbye and evolve. This is where Dr. Beers’ assistance with integrating this transition is valuable. Through compassionate discussion and support, and the employment of sacred rituals, the spiritual significance of what’s changing is consciously accentuated so that one’s inner and outer worlds can be transformed.

What is the Shadow & Shadow Work – Decolonizing the Shadow?

The shadow is the parts of the self that are rejected, disowned, denied and projected onto others. According to Carl Jung, the shadow is the repressed ‘‘dark side’’ of our personality (negative traits people resist, such as socially or religiously depreciated emotions and impulses like lust, selfishness, envy, and anger). Recognizing and reconciling what is repressed from the consciousness of self and even the collective- society addresses pathology and imbalance that would otherwise intensify and thrive.

There are many ways to do shadow work but the work must be done on a deep level to address core issues that typically stem from the earliest of life experiences. The approach to shadow work is to explore, uncover, decolonize, expand, heal and transform consciousness. Dr. Angela Beers co-owns a private practice, Crescent Roots Psychology with her husband, Dr. Jason Beers.

Feminine Sexuality and Sensuality

Dr. Beers also has a passion for helping women embody, enhance, and reclaim their sensuality and sexuality. This includes helping women overcome sexual traumas, as well as develop comfort and confidence with sexual curiosity, exploration, and expressions with Self and their intimate partner.

Psychological & Psychotherapy Services

Available for individual and group psychotherapy, psychoeducational lectures, panel discussions, online psychotherapy, consulting and mentorship services pertaining to the blending of psychology and the psychospiritual. Mind-Body-Spirit integration. Areas of specialty: life transitions, women’s issues, trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression, spiritual emergence, and psychedelic integration.

Dr. Beers accepts these insurances only:

  • Blue Care Network
  • BlueCross and BlueShield

Cash, Credit Card and PayPal payments for psychological services are also accepted. Contact for details and pricing.

*psychological services, including assessment, diagnosis, and psychological approaches to treatment. Whereas psychotherapy services may or may not provide psychological approaches to treatment. Inquire for further details with Dr. Beers.

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Decolonize Your | Mind | Shadow

Dismantle the internalized systems that are oppressive and marginalize. Systems that thrive off of and continue to perpetuate intergenerational and historical trauma as a result of power structure dynamics in western society. Social justice efforts of resistance push up against these systems externally but the internalized ones need erosion first, in order to reimagine and recultivate a just society.

The internalized system of colonial oppression fosters disconnection from self, others, spirit, and most especially nature. The labor and indoctrination of colonialism have birthed existential unease and inundating trauma that disrupts one’s authentic being in the world. The hardest impact of colonization has affected Black Indigenous People of Color.

The commitment to the deepening of this personal work on the psychological landscape is vital to fertilize and sow before taking on a leadership or activist role within any community. This process is a rite of passage for dismantling oppressive systems. For Indigenous people an outcome of decolonizing is rematriation, the reclaiming and protection of ancestral spirituality, customs, wisdom, history, ancestor remains, sacred sites, and the return to the sacred connection to Mother Earth. This reclaiming is a way of life, a restoration to the original instructions given to Indigenous people.

Culturally relevant and client centered consciousness expanding, heart-centered approaches that are influenced by collectivist societies are used in a sacred container that assists in deprogramming and rerooting.

“what indigenous activists would argue is that imperialism cannot be struggled over only at the level of text and literature. Imperialism still hurts, still destroys and is reforming itself constantly” ~Linda Tuhiwai Smith

This work holds a great capacity for transmuting and transforming intergenerational and historical wounds and society at large. Reach out: to learn more about decolonizing and reclaiming your power!

What does decolonizing mean?

Experience, Conditioning, Dismantle, Implement, Reflection, Devotion

One of the first steps is to acknowledge the internalization of the colonization experience and how it drives the actions of people. Another is the evaluation of psychological and social conditioning that has taken place internally and externally. Time is dedicated to looking at mythology, symbols, and imagery that unconsciously reinforce practices of oppression, elitism, discrimination and racism. A bulk of the work requires evaluating one’s belief system and wounding to identify and dismantle one’s internal and external oppressors. Together the cultivation and practices of empowerment along with nourishing actions of personal justice will be examined for implementation. This work is a continual process and is more than an act of resistance, it is an act of liberation, which requires continued reflection and devotion. Decolonizing is not something just for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color – Minorities). People that hold privilege, belong to and benefit from the current power structure can assist in bringing about justice and equality as result of committing to their own deprogramming and reorienting process.

Sacred Breathwork™

A psychospiritual ceremonial engagement of non-ordinary states of consciousness through sacred space with evocative music, breathing techniques, ritual, creative and group processing.

Through this psychospiritual technique, we invite the potential of transformation, healing, and awakening in a sacred community setting.  Community in this sense is not just about showing up for the experience but actively holding space in one another’s journey.

Participants engage their inner world, imagination and evoke the numinous. Because of the profound experience Sacred Breathwork™ can have and the sincere need for intimacy, the maximum amount of participants at a given time is 12. This is a 6 – 8-hour commitment. Individual and couple sessions are available also, they are 90 minutes in length.

Upcoming Events: Fall 2021, Check Back for details.

All About Sacred Breathwork™

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Integration is the chosen professional name for psychotherapy designed to assist people seeking support in connection with psychedelic or sacred medicine experiences. Individuals who have had challenging experiences can benefit from transpersonal therapeutic processing and understanding of the often-challenging feelings evoked and triggered by psychedelics and sacred medicines. Psychedelics or sacred medicines can be transformational with helping one gain insight to bolster, and integrate knowledge from the encounter into their daily lives. Learn more…

Upcoming Events: Group Water/Nature Integration Talks with Dr. Angela Beers and Dr. Jason Beers, late summer 2021 Manitou Springs local. Check back for further details or contact via email to be placed on newsletter list:

Message From Dr. Beers

I know there are many experiences that bring one to search for guidance and support, such as matters of uncertainty, feelings, and experiences of rejection, life transitions, and grief and loss. Whatever it may be that brought you here, the healing partnership is one of the most rewarding journeys you can ever embark on.

My very own walk on earth has led me down many paths and through various mythologies, all of which have spiraled and pooled into the creative depths of existence.

Accept this invitation to set sail on a path of vulnerability, growth, compassion, healing, imagination, exploration, deprogramming and reverence for the sacred!

 May you accept the shadows that illuminate you and may you be motivated by love, for yourself and others.

Thank you for taking the time out to check out my work. For me, it is an honor to hold space and bear witness to one’s healing process.

        ~Dr. Angela May Beers, PsyD, LP
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung

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