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Metro-Detroiters Elevating Consciousness & Healing | Sacred Breathwork™

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Metro-Detroiters Elevating Consciousness & Healing | Sacred Breathwork™ 9.20.19

Metro-Detroiters Elevating Consciousness & Healing | Sacred Breathwork™ Experience | Limited Space 

Sacred Breathwork™ is a psychospiritual technique of the same category as other approaches permitting a form of sacred psychoanalysis, such as the Transpersonal, Depth, and Jungian sectors of psychology. Each of these allows for spiritual-centered modes of being and, depending on the clinician, may welcome the integration of indigenous traditions. To summarize, Sacred Breathwork™ is defined as a sacred, shamanic-influenced, psychospiritual medium that promotes self-exploration through breathing and sonic induction into non-ordinary states of consciousness, to be used in a group setting.

Sacred Breathwork™ promotes departing from pathologizing the client by welcoming the sacred intersection of inter-subjectivity in the forms of experienced interiority and co-creativity. 

Email for further details and to register today! Space is limited!

*It is important to note these services are holistic psychospiritual modern methodologies integrating spiritual techniques, that when performed and engaged are not acts of “psychological services.”

For more information on this psychospiritual process, click here!

Free Online Meditation Gathering – Women

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Sisters! Join me for a free Virtual Gathering this Friday December 30th 5:30 p.m. MST / 7:30 p.m. EST for a one hour Seed of the Stars experience! There will be a guided meditation and story sharing followed by a group discussion.

Bring the year to an end and set your intentions for the new year! <3

Details for joining!!

To participate in this free offer, please contact me to receive further information. Note that you wish to participate in the free virtual women’s gathering (women must be 18+). Within your note of interest for the free women’s gathering (subject line type- free women’s gathering and in the body of email, your name and where you heard about this).

Contact email: awak3nmay@shadowmedicine.com

The deadline for this free offer ends this Thursday Dec 29th 12 am MST!

To learn more about my work and services offered to both men and women, check out my website!





The services I offer women and men are consciousness and heart expanding, psychospiritual and psychological in nature. Some examples are online consultations, meditations, journeying, Sacred Breathwork™, individual therapy, archetypal – shamanic counseling, and mentorship development and insight.

I’m launching a women’s virtual community as well, limited in membership to foster and maintain intimacy amongst the members. It’s an invitation to women to walk the path of vulnerability, growth, compassion, healing, imagination, sublime exploration and reverence for the sacred! Right now there’s a discount on the virtual group membership to usher in the new year!

If you are interested in any of these services please check out my website and share it with others of likemind! www.shadowmedicine.com

Illuminate Your Consciousness . . . Join the revolution! Together we can uncover the sacred cosmology that dwells infinitely within you!