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How the West Commodifies the Sacred – Decolonize

What lies behind a door isn’t always yours for the taking.

Please take a moment to watch these educational videos:

Many of these sacraments and beings don’t offer a “high,” but for those that do, they have been the favored theft. Through their identity confusion and truth-seeking, Westerners confuse themselves with being a “healer” or “shaman” and get caught up in a fantasy world detached from the struggle that birthed the plant-human relationship of expanding consciousness and helping Indigenous ways of life survive.

These people journey more inward into the depths of their indoctrination and encounter their selfishness. They adopt the savior complex but don’t want to experience the struggle of the oppressed, let alone put themselves on the line to liberate those oppressed by the white supremacy, especially those that they steal from. They’d rather ignore them, discredit them, and delete and block people that hold them accountable.

These people are commodifying the sacred. They are the ones that create organizations developed through the colonized patriarchal system, which continue to be agents of oppression by virtue of perpetuating the same illset ideology. People like a certain white male in the Metro Detroit area who happens to lead Cacao Ceremonies from Detroit to Ojai. A white privileged male that touts having “Mesoamerican” connections and teachings because he used his privilege to fly down to Guatemala and pay for week-long trainings with a group of other white cultural theft hipsters, and call their system B.S. Free.

These spiritually-bypassing people have played a role in paving the way for corporations like Compass (and scientist like the ones noted in this clip) to swoop in and monopolize psilocybin for medicinal purpose. These people have simultaneously dismissed and oppressed the Indigenous voice. Societies and people that have been doing what they are stealing and trying to reinvent in a colonial way. These people also still worry more about how to be the next “cult” research leader and name in the “business,” or have their basis of introductions to others including of a series of questions that invite competition for how much another has explored medicines, and worse throw out questions about pertaining to profit and even ones that could potentially bring harm to those that come to educate them.

I suggest people get to know their own traditions and lineage of ancestral healing, survival, and exploration. I suggest people connect with their ancestors, their cultural and familial legacy and history. To reclaim what has been there for them all along. I suggest the Western and the indoctrinated mind decolonize and reprogram. I suggest the Indigenous voice be empowered, included and truly honored at the tables of decision. I encourage the protection and the solidarity of true allies defending and protecting the sacred, above any profit and personal gain. I encourage healing work, rest and self-compassion for those oppressed and navigating this chaos. I encourage and advocate for real deep and uncomfortable discussions to be had between the Indigenous and non. I encourage the non-indigenous to practice active listening and genuine action of integrity focused on reciprocity. I encourage personal work on behalf of all players but mostly those that are guilty of cultural and spiritual theft, spiritual-bypassing, and those with white privilege. Even those with white passing privilege. Most importantly those upholding the white supremacist system… Please dismantle your dysfunction and internal oppressor, and get with the reprogram.

Decolonizing and Avoiding Pitfalls Such as Spiritual Bypassing

Decolonizing and Avoiding the Pitfall of Spiritual Bypassing – ShadowMedicine.com


There is no such thing as a “race card,” and the act of using it against Caucasian– white people. To assume that one is using this mythical “race card” asserts that they have power over a system and it’s leadership that oppresses them, the power that allegedly will restore justice that never was… so we must look at what justice is… Justice cannot be defined based on the culture and gender that holds systemic and institutional POWER. It must come from those enduring systemic and societal oppression and racism.

When someone is crying and calling out that they’ve been wronged because of what they were born as, because of their culture, skin color and/or “race.” It is never an opportunity for someone hailing from the privileged race to minimize, dismiss, and/or at any time use the experiences of the oppressed against them.

For example, saying someone is or has used such a mythical card regardless if it applies or not, denies the deep pain and intergenerational trauma and loss that they’ve endured. The experiences that minorities have of racism from the mild to severe have such a profound impact on their identity and their ability to navigate the world. All because they are constantly running into a wall that requires them to examine why someone has behaved a certain way to them. This starts in early childhood it makes them existentially question their worth, their contributions, their purpose, and their belonging within the world. It also exposes their vulnerability, driving them to seek resolution from their oppressors despite awareness of the limitations already set forth long ago by this “white male upper class.” Or worse causes Black, Indigenous, People of Color BIPOC to identify with their oppressor, enter Kanye West (saying that slavery was a choice).

The first step sought in decolonizing is to speak out their experience. This is an attempt to level the playing field, to reach towards justice, to be heard and to encourage dialogue on the issue. Most minorities– BIPOC have dealt with so much racism consciously and unconsciously that by the time they’re adults, the chances that they are misinterpreting an experience of racism is highly unlikely. And furthermore, if a minority– BIPOC makes a statement about a loss, or an unnecessary cost to them because of someone else’s mistakes, without relating it to racism. It is not an opportunity for a person of privilege to comment using the minority– BIPOC’s history of endured racism against them. There are more healing and growth opportunities for a person belonging to the ethnicity in power, the Caucasian– “white,” when silent, listening and witnessing one’s unpacking of deep wounding caused as result of colonization, racism, oppression, and genocides.


To decolonize one must consciously go through the steps of their experience and conditioning, and dismantle what does not serve them, then implement/reinforce appropriate culturally relevant and personally authentic systems. Following they must continually reflect and assess for their integrity and how they are showing up in life, and devote their time and energy in maintaining a healthy balance of this cycle (Experience, Conditioning, Dismantle, Implement, Reflect, Devotion: ECDIRD). Decolonizing is a continuous process because of its lengthy history, staying power and covert operations that are a part of internalized oppression (externalized oppression and racism that have been put into place by the “ruling class.” Thus, the creation of systemic racism). 


An example of a “white person” claiming a minority– BIPOC is using the “race card,” because they were not being notified of an event or process “change” ahead of time and the minority is just venting their frustration about it. It’s not the time to jokingly say, “oh I guess you’re gonna use the race card.” Saying something like that completely shows where you stand on the issue of racism, it shows that you must work better at being a genuine support to minorities– BIPOC. Saying something like this implies that they use a “victim mentality” it is beyond hurtful, dismissive, and perpetuates the cycle and propaganda of racism. If anything you’ve read here, it is damaging to your relationship with them and creates an environment of exclusion and opposition. It does not nurture unity, it is racist gaslighting and is a product of Spiritual Bypassing through the “love and light mentality.”

A request… People that come from the culture– the “race” of privilege, please examine your perceptions of minorities and your interpretations of their life experiences. The power structure within the world can only be dismantled if you are on the same page as them, with them leading their own healing journeys, which requires you to do the work to dismantle your unconscious/conscious role of oppressor. You must truly know what demon(s) you are up against. Minorities– BIPOC know this demon well and can accurately identify when they’ve encountered “it/him/her.”


A more personal revelation of the decolonization experience… a life lived encountering and making strides to dismantle oppression– patriarchy. A life lived in a constant exit from the colonizer’s grip. For me, as a woman of fairer skin but with Mexica and Indigenous ancestry, my ancestors are very much alive today, they walk with my earthly relatives and I in spirit.

The work I have personally done on myself and continue to do is never-ending yet the colonizer still expects me to benefit him. The colonizer sees me as a resource to build his ego and attaches himself to me for pleasures. The colonizer sees first– his needs, hears first– his voice, and no matter the state of trauma I walk into, he enforces his occupation and makes attempts to diminish my healing. He steals my ancestral ceremonies and traditions, ones that were stolen and lost before I was incarnated. Yet individuals not from my ethnic background continue to steal and misappropriate what was created and gifted from The Creator as a means to help my people heal, survive, and thrive. Such individuals portray themselves as owners over a sacred dominion when they can’t even humble themselves to deeply study systemically the cultural relevance, intergenerational rhyme and reason and astral magic of the teaching, but they are steadfast in their attempts to apply these traditions and ceremonies in ways that benefit the colonizer and colonization.

Never mind the colonizer’s absence of existing in extreme states he knows nothing of, such as 500+ years of colonization and inheriting the survival of the atrocities reigned. Never mind the colonizer’s insistence of his pain in exchange for silencing another. Never mind the colonizer’s twists and proclamations of innocence. Just never mind him!

I see those shackles and I will not wear them. I see the psychological warfare. I refuse to participate, except to deprogram! That is how I will engage and we will dance. I’m wild, I am a descendant of a legacy stolen– one long pause. I continually move towards wholeness. One that no longer allows the colonizer into my temple for worship.

To the privileged class, humble yourself, do the work, find your blind spots, see how color is visible and used to oppress, see how we may genetically have more similarities lived experiences are significantly different, and saying we are all one only dismisses, inflicts pain and perpetuates the existing divide setup by patriarchal oppressors of the ruling class. You are not being forced as my ancestors have, my relatives and I are forced to endure a stolen legacy and measurable intergenerational trauma. Evaluate how you are contributing to racism and oppression against minorities– BIPOC. Most importantly don’t resent those that were kind enough to point out and redirect the misqualified energy towards the direction of its source… and don’t request for them to take on your work in this process because the sorcery must be returned to be neutralized and transmuted. That source is the magic overlooked and it lies in legacies carried, conscious and unconscious lineage… so be careful of what will you carry forward, will you carry further division or the antidote?

Are you a Black, Indigenous Wombyn of Color (mixed ancestry between the oppressed and oppressor are welcomed)? Are you interested in working towards or enhancing your own personal decolonization? If so, click here and scroll down the page to get further details on the upcoming Decolonizing the Wombyn of Color: Deprogram Your Mind and Spirituality online workshop?