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Consciously Expand Through Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Integration is the chosen professional name for psychotherapy designed to assist people seeking support in connection with psychedelic or sacred medicine experiences. Individuals who have had challenging experiences can benefit from transpersonal therapeutic processing and understanding of the often-challenging feelings evoked and triggered by psychedelics and sacred medicines. Psychedelics or sacred medicines can be transformational with helping one gain insight to bolster, and integrate knowledge from the encounter into their daily lives.

While the use of psychedelics and sacred medicines remains as controlled substances in the United States, many individuals continue to engage them in a variety of settings and contexts, with some of them less than optimal. Dr. Beers’ Psychedelic Integration Therapy is in alignment with the Principles of Harm Reduction. Aside from the potential benefits, there are real risks associated with the exploration and use of them. For some, the effects can be overwhelming, confusing and/or anxiety provoking, even well after the encounter. Some people may have difficulty processing and integrating the engagement of complex thoughts, feelings and experiences had. Psychedelic Integration can assist with elucidating insights and reconciling understanding. Psychedelic Integration Therapy is in alignment with people that have an open curiosity, are responsible for their well-being with respect to their exploration and who genuinely seek support with navigating their relationship with these medicines.

The benefits of psychedelics and sacred medicine engagement are culturally, spiritually and socially relevant. Since early dawn of man, the plant-human relationship for its psychoactive and sacred effects has existed. Indigenous cultures around the world to this day still practice and maintain sacred ritual, ceremony, and traditions with a variety of these medicines, and people within those communities have created necessary and protected liminal spaces. Dr. Beers’ aims to bridge the gap and loss in western society of this venerable space by providing ethical and culturally sensitive Psychedelic Integration Therapy.

It is important to note that for Psychedelic Integration Therapy, Under no circumstances are therapists outside of government approved and controlled studies currently administering, prescribing or otherwise providing psychedelic or other controlled substances to clients during the course of therapy.  Additionally, this therapy model does not include supervising or otherwise, the clinician taking responsibility for a client during a psychedelic experience. Clients should not plan to attend therapy sessions while under the influence of any psychedelic or any other controlled substance unless prescribed by a medical doctor or psychiatrist, or within an approved research study environment.

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