Shadow Medicine – Virtual Women’s Community Circle Membership

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Shadow Medicine Virtual Women’s Community Circle Membership
This is an intentional community for women, monthly membership. Monthly membership fee due each month.
Buy a package deal!
Invest in yourself, and your psychological and emotional wellbeing!! Buy three months at the $165 rate  (Feb – April) and get one free personal virtual 30 minute processing session with Dr. Beers to navigate and integrate further. That’s $15 off the total value, plus a free half hour personal session that would normally run $60+ (this breaks down to ~$18 per online gathering session, less than what most in-person self-improvement group workshops cost). Click here for 3 month package purchase
  • Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal accepted for payment. Paypal permits the use of bank transfers. You just have to link your bank account to your private Paypal account, this usually takes a few days. Paypal also allows linking Debit and Credit Cards for payment as well.
  • Limited membership to maintain group intimacy. The leadership approach to this group is psychospiritual with an emphasis on building a grounded and connected community.


Shadow Medicine Application – Self Appraisal Form

Step 2 of application process (Step 1 Payment). Completion required for membership, must submit within 24-hours of payment.
Submit completed form (copy and paste questions below form into message area of form). You will receive a copy of what you submit in a email after you submit. I will follow up with you within 48 hours of submission.

Shadow Medicine :|: Self-Appraisal Form

A path of vulnerability, growth, compassion, healing, imagination, sublime exploration and reverence for the sacred!


*Where did you hear about Shadow Medicine?

  1. What are your motivations behind applying for this virtual community?
  2. What was the catalyst for deciding to join this virtual community?
  3. Have you belonged to one prior? If so, what was your experience of it?
  4. What are your expectations and hopes for this group?
  5. Who are the significant women in your life? How are your relationships with them?
  6. Do you feel supported in your everyday life by close loved ones?
  7. Name one passion and one struggle that is prominent in your life today?
  8. What do you know about true shadow work?
  9. How would you assess your “BEing” as a friend?
  10. How would you assess your “BEing” with getting things done?
  11. How would you assess your “BEing” in regards to honoring the Goddess within, the respect you give to your body, spirit and mind?
  12. How would you assess your “BEing” with your love life?
  13. What spirituality do you most identify with, or practice?
  14. Do you have any beliefs about yourself that hold you back from total expression of yourself (upbringing, trauma, religion, etc. related)?
  15. How do you feel about social activism? Do you feel a calling to serve and/or defend (anything in particular)?
  16. What do you know about mind-consciousness expansion techniques?
  17. What is your Instagram account name, and/or your Facebook account name (Facebook is at least a requirement for joining, that is how you access the forum)?
  18. *Self-disclosure, do you have a “mental health” diagnosis? (If you wish for this to remain confidential, please indicate so).
  19. *Do you have PTSD? If so, tell me a little bit about it. How long you’ve had it? What brought it on and how you are addressing it? Furthermore, how can the community provide assistance for and/or support you regarding this? (If you wish for this to remain confidential, please indicate so).
  20. *Do you have any medical issues/diagnosis that could potentially create difficulty or the inability to participate fully in the services rendered? (If you wish for this to remain confidential, please indicate so).
  21. While the majority of the groups are led from the womb perspective, groups are inclusive to our sisters that have the physical absence of the womb. Those sisters are encouraged to bring this up with the group leader, so that group knowledge can include your experience. This can be an integrative learning experience for all of us. Sisters who do not have their womb in this incarnation, if you are sincere and your intentions are pure; you are welcomed in our temple. It’s important that we honor the differences of the woman experience. Having a womb and the potential for creation IS a major component of the woman experience, but it is not the only dimension of the divine feminine. This group also welcomes the variety of sexual orientations our sisters express. Again, if you are aligned with BEing woman and are intentionally wishing to bring the divine feminine online in balance and be a personal beacon of feminine light to the collective, to assist in the rise of the Goddess, WELCOME! Let me know how I can be of assistance to you. Again, please let me know if this is something that involves your BEing, so that I can integrate your experience into the group also.

*Regarding questions 18 – 20 . . . Please answer honestly and share your concerns regarding this. Some topics and shadow work might be challenging to encounter. Therefore taking a proactive stance on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is encouraged. Answering these question in any particular way does not exclude you from the group. It is asked to deepen my understanding of how to best serve clients I’m working with. Please note that some topics may come up that could potentially be triggering, and if so, I encourage you to seek the support needed outside of group. One of the goals of this group is to not censor the healing process. Therefore, make sure you are prepared psychologically to enter into a community space of healing. You are not being asked to suffer in silence, but rather to take the initiative with being pro-active, and to do your best to remain open to the experience and the medicine it has to give. If membership fills prior to the end of the application period the option to purchase this service will be taken down. I’m genuinely looking forward to getting to know you and have you as part of this virtual community. It’s been time for us sisters to rise up in unity and share our gifts with one another, and the world. Sending many blessings your way! ~Dr. Angela Beers   Form is property of Shadow Medicine, Dr. Angela May Beers 12.2016

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