How the West Commodifies the Sacred – Decolonize

What lies behind a door isn’t always yours for the taking.

Please take a moment to watch these educational videos:

Many of these sacraments and beings don’t offer a “high,” but for those that do, they have been the favored theft. Through their identity confusion and truth-seeking, Westerners confuse themselves with being a “healer” or “shaman” and get caught up in a fantasy world detached from the struggle that birthed the plant-human relationship of expanding consciousness and helping Indigenous ways of life survive.

These people journey more inward into the depths of their indoctrination and encounter their selfishness. They adopt the savior complex but don’t want to experience the struggle of the oppressed, let alone put themselves on the line to liberate those oppressed by the white supremacy, especially those that they steal from. They’d rather ignore them, discredit them, and delete and block people that hold them accountable.

These people are commodifying the sacred. They are the ones that create organizations developed through the colonized patriarchal system, which continue to be agents of oppression by virtue of perpetuating the same illset ideology. People like a certain white male in the Metro Detroit area who happens to lead Cacao Ceremonies from Detroit to Ojai. A white privileged male that touts having “Mesoamerican” connections and teachings because he used his privilege to fly down to Guatemala and pay for week-long trainings with a group of other white cultural theft hipsters, and call their system B.S. Free.

These spiritually-bypassing people have played a role in paving the way for corporations like Compass (and scientist like the ones noted in this clip) to swoop in and monopolize psilocybin for medicinal purpose. These people have simultaneously dismissed and oppressed the Indigenous voice. Societies and people that have been doing what they are stealing and trying to reinvent in a colonial way. These people also still worry more about how to be the next “cult” research leader and name in the “business,” or have their basis of introductions to others including of a series of questions that invite competition for how much another has explored medicines, and worse throw out questions about pertaining to profit and even ones that could potentially bring harm to those that come to educate them.

I suggest people get to know their own traditions and lineage of ancestral healing, survival, and exploration. I suggest people connect with their ancestors, their cultural and familial legacy and history. To reclaim what has been there for them all along. I suggest the Western and the indoctrinated mind decolonize and reprogram. I suggest the Indigenous voice be empowered, included and truly honored at the tables of decision. I encourage the protection and the solidarity of true allies defending and protecting the sacred, above any profit and personal gain. I encourage healing work, rest and self-compassion for those oppressed and navigating this chaos. I encourage and advocate for real deep and uncomfortable discussions to be had between the Indigenous and non. I encourage the non-indigenous to practice active listening and genuine action of integrity focused on reciprocity. I encourage personal work on behalf of all players but mostly those that are guilty of cultural and spiritual theft, spiritual-bypassing, and those with white privilege. Even those with white passing privilege. Most importantly those upholding the white supremacist system… Please dismantle your dysfunction and internal oppressor, and get with the reprogram.