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About Dr. Angela May Beers:

Dr. Beers helps adults move, heal, and grow through life transitions. Her passion is with working with women through a non-dogmatic spiritual lens to provide them the sacred space and tools for liberation, healing, and confidence to reclaim their birthrights.

Coming from a mixed heritage of the colonized and colonizer, Mexican-Spanish (she prefers Indigenous over Mexican), Native American and European ancestry. Dr. Beers grew up in foster care and group homes as a result of complex intergenerational and historical trauma. She was not privileged to grow up with many core traditions of her ancestors, but in some ways this gave blessings. She learned to be open, that change was inevitable, that seeking help is a strength, whom to trust for guidance, and that comfort is not a promise but free will is. She also learned that there are many ways to healing, to expanding. She learned to appreciate authenticity, humility and the importance of traditions and lineage, and the importance of their preservation. She has overcome much adversity in her life including the colonization of her mind, which she continually works to decolonize and to reclaim her heritage and traditions. Above all, she chooses to answer calls that are in service of co-facilitating healing authentically. To not only move between the worlds of consciousness but to be a guide to others opting to heal deep ancestral wounds and reclaim their sovereignty.

In the end what she discovered was that healing and growing is a practice requiring discipline, vulnerability, gratitude, integrity and admiration for the physical, mystical and cultural. That healing and remembering who you are is amplified when experienced in connection with the sacred and communion with the Divine (that encompasses both light and dark), something that most professionals do not practice or include as part of “treatment.”

Dr. Beers approaches healing from a transpersonal– psychospiritual space that is not just client-centered but liminally conscious and community focused. She spiritually identifies as a cosmic mystic grounded in esoteric traditions and spiritualities of the Earth – all of which have instilled within her an appreciation for diversity in spiritual perspectives, while honoring and respecting the sacredness of tradition and culture.

Dr. Beers believes in equity for Mother Nature (Earth and all her children). She believes in the power of intersectional feminism that values and calls for women of color representation and leadership. She stands for the protection and rights of children, the differently abled, LQBTQ+IA, Indigenous people and all people of color. She speaks out against inequality and injustices, and has often answered calls to action with movements that stand up against corruption and systemic racism.

Here are some reputable charities/organizations to donate to:

Mazateca Relief Project led by Inti Garcia Flores, professor, archivist & conserved of Mazatec culture


American Indian Health and Family Services of Southeast Michigan

IPCI Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative

Native American Church of A’-Shii-Be-To'(Salt Lake)

Latin Americans for Social and Economic Growth – LA SED Detroit

Emancipation Theater Company


Support: Native- Indigenous Woman’s Wearable Art, Mary Ryan, KillsEnemy Designs

Native American Church of Turtle Island (NACTI)

Women for Women

Every Mother Counts

Vista Maria – At Risk Female Adolescent Organization/Services

Metro-Detroit Black Lives Matter

Detroit Water Brigade – End the Water Crises

ONE MICHIGAN For Immigrants Rights

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

Tree Sisters. Women As a Force of Nature, On Behalf of Nature.

National Indian Childcare Association



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Dr. Angela May Beers, PsyD, graduated her doctoral clinical psychology program from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology (now named Michigan School of Psychology) in April 2015. She is currently an adjunct psychology professor at Naropa University and Macomb Community College prior. Dr. Beers previously worked as a Master’s Level Psychologist with the Michigan Department of Corrections (primarily assigned to the Women’s Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti) and Vista Maria, a female adolescent residential treatment facility in Dearborn Heights, MI, the latter of which she was housed in twice as an adolescent herself. She has also worked with various other institutions and organizations as a psychotherapist since 2008.

Dr. Beers completed her graduate clinical internship with American Indian Health and Family Services in Southwest Detroit, developing her therapeutic skills through ethically blending traditional and modern practices. Dr. Beers believes that great healing can be achieved through reclaiming and honoring traditions left by our ancestors, such as inducing non-ordinary states of consciousness through evocative music and intentional breathing techniques in a ceremonially reverent way. Engaging non-ordinary states of consciousness is an approach that many different cultures have practiced since the dawn of man, and is a birth rite to all. However, a key factor in doing no harm is to not dishonor longstanding cultures and traditions. Respect for community and integration is critical.

Dr. Beers wrote her dissertation on Sacred Breathwork™, a psychospiritual technique that utilizes breath, evocative music, earth and heart-based ritual, and ceremony to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness. Dr. Beers is a certified facilitator of Sacred Breathwork™. Her research on Sacred Breathwork™ has uncovered significance relating to community, ceremony and the sacred, as well as the importance of ritual and creative expression in humans. Her research also focused on the significance of indigenous spirituality, entitled: Culture and Misappropriation: Addressing Ethnicity Ethics.

“It is important to address the ethical dilemma of delivering this spiritual modality in academia, because of the basis of this technique pre-existed in an indigenous society, one that continues to endure misappropriation, racism, colonization, and oppression . . . Cultural misappropriation is complex, but it is important to note that Sacred Breathwork was not taken from one particular tradition. The evolution of humans from cavemen to modern Homo sapiens was a natural, necessary, and instinctive process – the same should hold true for healing techniques. Although the traditions must be carefully maintained and held sacred, in some cases, adaptation to the contemporary needs of humans is inevitable. While western medicine has proven to decrease and control some physical illnesses, it has yet to address psychological and spiritual ailments adequately. Moreover, it would be a great disservice to the future of humanity should psychology not sincerely incorporate shamanic, eastern, and Native American traditional healing modalities. A sincere attempt means that individuals are not participating in misappropriating knowledge and traditions nor are practitioners reducing or oversimplifying the ineffable simply to ensure accessibility or commercial success. ”~ Dr. Angela May Beers, PsyD, PSYC

Additional information: Dr. Beers has a great passion for music and Detroit since 2003 Dr. Beers has held various volunteer positions with Movement and Fuse In music festivals. She has led the volunteers for Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival – Movement from 2008 – 2014 (co-lead in 2008/2009). Other roles Dr. Beers has taken on include being a wife with her partner Jason Beers – a psychologist and musician – and a mother to her spunky young children. For Dr. Beers, the experience of motherhood has been the most meaningful role she has and will ever take on. Her children are her greatest teachers in all things within existence. 




Shadow Medicine – Women’s Virtual  Community

To create a grounded community through shared experiences, to provide support to sisters during times of adversity, to remember and reclaim the depths of our true gifts as women, to value the unique contributions each sister has to offer, to advance creativity and imagination, to inspire sisters to engage in social justice, to decolonize in union, to encourage one another to dive deeper into the mysticism of the numinous, and to encourage sisters to explore and expand their consciousness in a sacred and responsible manner. To increase awareness of the importance of responsibly exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness. Last but not least, to plant and nourish the seeds of sisterhood and our connection to Mother in everyday life because these relations are the catalysts to bring us in alignment and in tune with the new age birthing forth. Furthermore, to build upon the virtual community, one goal is to grow the connections and form deep bonds through consciousness expanding retreats. Many in the current world paradigm are pushing towards a shift to one of altruism, partnerships, compassion, spiritual sight, reason and evolution of consciousness. This shift is inevitable, however, how we handle the intensity of the progression and incorporate accountability if we collectively attune, is the point of contention. It is up to us to choose beneficence as the means of integration.


To provide a safe, transformative, and mutually compassionate sacred space. One that empowers and fosters intuition, introspection, courage, and vulnerability. Aided by deeply intentional interactions, Dr. Beers aims to assist clients to develop a new personal philosophy and a renewed outlook on issues & matters that concern them. Dr. Beers specializes in working with adults who are going through the process of change and growth, as well as those navigating difficult life transitions.

Dr. Beers blends conventional therapy methods with humanistic, depth psychology, transpersonal and existential approaches. She incorporates mindfulness, imagination, creativity, humor, and play to reinforce the unfolding process. She supports clients with liberating tools to increase relaxation, space for contemplative exploration, self-awareness, self-discovery, feelings of validation, and acceptance. She takes into account the physical, consciousness, emotional and spiritual aspects of human beings. To work with the client to bring unconscious elements of the psyche into a more balanced relationship and conscious awareness.


Affiliated Presenters and Colleagues

People I believe in that I often collaborate with, that share similar philosophies behind the services we provide to others.


Dr. C Michael Smith, PhD, LP

Psychospiritual Mentor

The architect of Sacred Breathwork™ and shamanic counseling, a clinical psychologist with a medical, anthropological, and theoretical foci on the study of cross-cultural indigenous healing systems, including the shamanic.

Also known as Mikkal, was previously a Christian minister. He holds two doctorates from the Chicago Theological Seminary and a certificate in Analytical Psychology from the C G Jung Institute of Chicago. Smith has written two books, Psychotherapy and the Sacred and Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue; both were of considerable use in Dr. Beers’ exploration of Sacred Breathwork™. Smith calls the shaman a technician of the sacred and cites the impossibility of understanding the opulence of shamanism without first acquiring a basic acquaintance with the sacred’s role and the shaman’s or technician’s relation to it.

To get to know more about Dr. C Michael Smith:

Dr. C Michael Smith – Jungian Psychologist

Crows Nest Shamanism – Center for Shamanic Studies

Dr. C Michael Smith/Mikkal’s Facebook Page

C. Michael Smith, Ph.D. (Mikkal) recent work in the Peruvian Amazon, combined a psycho-educational focus of the power and soulful depth of Jungian psychology with the traditions of Ayahuasquera and Curandera Adelita Navis. Those workshops helped significantly with the preparation, experience, integration, and implementation of powerful Ayahuasca ceremonies for Westerners. More recently his psychospiritual work has shifted towards Mayan and Toltec wisdom, combining his expertise with Curandera Eva-Celia Solis Arroyo. Previous retreat together pre-pandemic, Dec 9th-16th, 2019 at Casa De Medicina Ancestral in Mexico.

Video – Mama Aya meets Jung – Dr C Michael Smith


Featured Presenter – Jamila Blue

Dancing Lotus is the mystical playground of Jamila Blue

After spending more than a decade in the financial industry, Jamila is now dancing her heart’s desire.  When she isn’t dancing, offering readings, or doing sacred art, Jamila is a freelance consultant for artists and healers. She has studied with C. Michael Smith (aka Mikkal), author of Jung and Shamanism, at Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies since 2008, it is here that she discovered her passion for dance. She brings a unique shamanic, earth-honoring approach to each aspect of her work.

Movement ~ Jamila began studying 5Rhythms (developed by Gabrielle Roth) March 2012 and is currently working towards a teacher certification. She is located in the South Bend Indiana area, and her Facebook page is Dancing Lotus. She offers a variety of ways to encourage dance for all ages and physical abilities.

Readings ~ For over a decade Jamila has studied astrology, tarot, and numerology. Through weaving these practices she helps individuals find their life path which can clarify current patterns and themes in their lives. Jamila also offers personalized sacred art which can be used as a meditative tool. Sacred art is created through customized Talisman, Life Scrolls, and Yantras, by using the symbology revealed through individual data.


Jason Beers, PsyD, LP

Colleague and Sacred Breathwork™ Co-facilitator

Throughout our existence, we all move through times that can bring an enormous amount of pain, anxiety, sadness, and yes, even psychosis. Perhaps the days add up, and we end up living much of our lives in this suffering. But if we hold on and search in a safe enough space, it is that deep person inside, the one just beneath the everyday routine, who can not only find the motivation to talk about these pains but the inspiration to transform them into healing, meaning, and purpose.

I work hard to help each individual feel heard and understood, leaving judgment and typicality aside. We find what is true to your unique experience, and it is always you that deserves the greatest credit.

In the therapy room, various techniques are employed to help calm the initial distress and find ways to manage and even lessen the symptoms. After some relief is experienced, we can seek the deeper aspects of your quest in this life, as this is what truly transforms our suffering into something pure, worthwhile, and enjoyable even. We dream, create, imagine.. dusting away the routine to discover and manifest what some call destiny.

I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the APA accredited Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2015. I worked in various trainings and practicums since 2010, including community mental health centers, a private practice, an HIV clinic, a psychiatric ER, a substance abuse center, and an inclusive spiritual retreat center. My internship and post-doctoral training were in Colorado, at University of the Rockies and the Colorado Department of Corrections. I feel I’ve worked well with many types of people and struggles, across many cultures and viewpoints, as I tend to have an inviting, warm presence, and I tend to see, along with each client, what is going on beneath the surface. We work together in mutual respect and complete faith that there is another side that can be reached – one that uplifts and gives meaning to this experience we call life… Are you ready?

Private Practice Dr. Jason and Dr. Angela Beers Co-own together: Crescent Roots Psychology  

Nicholas Brabhan – Bateria Ouroboros

 Sacred Breathwork™ Co-facilitator (Live)

Nicholas Brabhan (bateriaOuroboros) is a Shamanic and Percussive artist. His art integrates both archaic and modern methods of healing, using music, meditative bodywork, dialogue, and creative ritual technique to aid in reaching balanced states of being and deeper, fuller modes of perception. He started studying the drums 15 years ago. Beginning with the Drum Set he quickly developed an affinity for the Congas as well as the Brazilian Pandeiro, West African Djembe, Afro Peruvian Cajon, and many other percussion instruments. Nicholas has played in a wide variety of bands, dance classes, and different musical settings. His recent focus is on solo applications for his playing. The music of bateriaOuroboros holds one foot in traditional ritualized dance and trance music and another foot in a future vision of these ancient arts. Along with his introduction to drumming came an opening into the exploration of consciousness. Since then he has dedicated himself to embodying the wisdom teachings and practices to heal and develop consciousness with a special interest in Taoist practices and philosophies, Mexican, South American and African Shamanic healing systems, and modern Psychological theories and concepts. Since 2011 Nicholas has studied PsychoShamanism under C. Michael Smith, Ph.D. at Crows Nest for Shamanic Studies, completing certification of the Holotropically influenced Sacred Breathwork™ and Shamanic Counseling, as well as assisting for CN workshops in the Peruvian Amazon.

Nick facilitates “live” Sacred Breathwork™ sessions in the Houston, Tx area (originally in the Michiana – South Bend IN area). Monthly sessions provide a continuous opportunity and container for those interested, beginning, or continuing their personal work with this innovative method that draws on the therapeutic potentials of music and our own breath. Both Jason and Angela have, and aspire to continue to collaborate on facilitating Sacred Breathwork™ sessions with Nick when post pandemic life.

To find out more about these live Sacred Breathwork™ sessions, get in touch with Nick ([email protected]) regarding event times, dates, and location.

Nicholas’ Website: Bateria Ouroboros – WordPress – Music Nick – Instagram

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Featured Presenter

To be updated in the weeks leading up to the presentation/collaboration … If you are a BIPOC and interested in collaborating with me, please get in touch with me and let’s see how we can share and evolve our gifts together.

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